Morally, ethically-grounded deliberators, living and working with diverse individuals with integrity

During all of my field placements, aside from Maymester and student teaching, I have very few responsibilities other than sitting and observing.  During these placements, it was difficult for me to form a professional relationship with students.  I had trouble seeing myself as an authoritative figure in the classroom and the students saw me as nothing more than an older friend.  Although I was sure to abide by all college and personal ethical and moral standards, I did not develop relationships with students that were much different from the relationships I form with my campers during summer day camp. 

As a student teacher, it was a little more difficult than expected to transition from the relationships I formed in field placements and at camp to the kind of professional relationship of a teacher and student.  In general, my students were very respectful of the boundaries set by our relationship, but sometimes students tried to act as though we were friends or siblings, crossing a professional boundary.  I am a very fun person and I love forming relationships with people and I did not want to lose that warm and approachable quality simply because I am a teacher.  I do not believe that in order for me to be an effective teacher I need to be cold or cut out any personable part of me.  In order to still be personal, fun, and young to my students, I created a professional facebook account.  I am not comfortable using my personal facebook with high school and college photos to communicate with my students.  Therefore, I created a online environment to keep in contact with my students.  To me, creating the facebook account is a perfect example of how I am able to be professional but personable at the same time.  

I am sure that I will continue to use my facebook account with my students in the future and I have confidence that I will always able to be personable and have a good relationship with my students while retaining a very professional standard.  One next step I would like to take on is setting boundaries right away with students.  This semester it took some time for students to get an understanding of the kind of relationship I expected out of them.  For example, one student thought it was entirely okay to call me “Alex” instead of “Miss Stamm” because of my age.  I set the boundary with the student immediately after being called by my first name but the conversation could be avoided if I set boundaries earlier on in my time with students.    I am confident that I will have no issues with ethical or moral issues as a teacher because of all I have learned in my field placement and as a student teacher.

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