Ethnography in Education 

            During my spring 2009 semester, I was asked to be a part of a research team in the Education Department to assist the Provost and a larger research team.  The final goal of the research is to gather information for the construction of a new Albion College library.  The specific team I was a part of surveyed students at Albion College about their preferences in learning spaces.  The data collected was then analyzed by the research team and presented to the Provost and other research teams.  In order to conduct the research properly, the other members of the team and I read about Ethnographic research and its place in the research community.  We used the information learned throughout the semester to properly collect, analyze, and interpret the data.    

            In the fall of 2009, I was asked to be a student representative on the Learning Commons Research Team (LCRT).  As a member of the team, I am responsible for presenting a student viewpoint and opinion to help design the new library.  The research and time spent on the LCRT encouraged me to continue research on my own and fueled the comparative analysis I conducted in France.

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