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Autumn Haggadone

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To Whom It May Concern:


I am seeking to pursue a teaching position in k-12 physical education/secondary health. I have finished the Frutz Shurmur for Teacher Development Education Program at Albion College and have passed the physical education certification test, while waiting on the results for the health certification test.  After student teaching at Kiddler Middle School in the Jackson Northwest school district I now feel that I have the experience to run my own classroom and accept the challenges of becoming a teacher.


During my MayMester Boundary Crossing experience at Harington Elementary School in Albion Michigan, I worked with a diverse group of second graders who demanded that I used many different teaching techniques to cater to each students learning style. Learning how to deal with this many adaptations in the classroom really gave me the experience I needed when beginning my student teaching.


While at Kidder Middle School I was given the privilege to teach a group of students with special needs and learned how to adapt my lesson plans so that these students could excel in physical education. In the first trimester of my student teaching I saw and taught 240 students each day. In this trimester I also designed and instructed three different unit plans that lasted two weeks each. It was challenging to incorporate all of my students learning styles into each lesson. I did this using many different techniques including, videos, demonstrations, group activities and written work.


Aside from my teaching experiences I also was the assistant coach for the Albion College women’s basketball team. This role helped me gain leadership skills that I was able to carry over to the classroom. The many hours I spent with the head coach preparing practice plans, watching film and developing strategies helped our team prepare for our next opponents.  These preparations showed me how to focus on developing in depth lesson plans so I can maximize student-learning time in the classroom.


I have my resume completed and assessable forms of transcripts from Albion College that can me delivered to you at your convince. I am very excited to start a new career as a physical education and heath teacher. 



  Autumn L. Haggadone

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