Chapter 11 Section 2

Chapter 11 Section 2 Lesson plan


Objective: Students will be able to discuss and write about images and main groups of indigenous people from Mesoamerica. Students will specifically be able to discuss, draw and write about the Maya, Aztec, Olmec, and Toltec people. Students will be able to write about or draw representations of different Mayan and Aztec gods, through this they will understand the importance of gods in these societies.


Instructional Sequence: This is the last chapter in the first unit of world history. They have already learned about the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe during this same time period.


Materials: Dum Dum suckers, Smart Board, Pictures and Art, Power Point, Lined Paper, Mayan and Aztec god myths/examples, Section 2 worksheets, Writing Utensil.


Assessment plan: Students will be assessed through a worksheet from section 2. Students will be assessed through the representation that they complete on a Mayan or Aztec god.




Dum Dum Question: Students answer a random question at the beginning of the hour that gets the class started off. For getting the closest answer a student receives a dum dum sucker.


Warm up to section 2: Photo alignment. Students will each pull out a lined sheet of paper. The lights are turned off. Students must be silent during this time. I created a presentation with 9 pictures representing the material from this section. Each picture will be left on the smart board for 30 seconds. Students must look at the picture and answering one or more of the following questions.

  • What do you feel when looking at this photo?
  • What about this photo interests you?
  • What do you notice about this photo?
  • What is familiar to you in this photo?
  • What is unfamiliar to you?
  • What do you wonder about when looking at the photo?

These pictures will be discussed in their books which students will be completing a worksheet out of. We also will discuss the pictures right after showing them. The pictures are also hung in a collage on a wall in the classroom to peak student interest.


Students work on a worksheet that I made that asks them knowledge based questions from the second section of the book. This worksheet gets them need to know information about the peoples in Mesoamerica and also helps them get basic ideas.


After completing the worksheet the students will have the rest of the hour to work on a god representation writing passage or drawing. I have decided to give the students a choice on which way they would like to complete the assignment. I have 6 different gods that students will have a reading on (1 each). They are to interpret that reading and through writing a paragraph or drawing a picture show the importance of that god to Mayan or Aztec culture.


Homework: Finish the Maya/Aztec god representation and read Chapter 11 Section 3. Students know that there will be a short reading quiz on chapter 3.


Accommodations: I have allowed students choice in this lesson because some students really learn best from drawing where as others learns best from writing. This allows students to take learning into there own hands. I do not have any special needs students who need accommodation in this case.


Picture Slideshow: ch-11-sec-2

Student Work: mayan-god-representations-student-work1








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