Chapter 11 Lesson 1

Chapter 11 Section 1 Lesson Plan


Objective: Students will be able to discuss and write about images and main groups of indigenous people from North America. Students will specifically be able to discuss the Iroquois, Hopewell, Anasazi and Inuit peoples. 


Instructional Sequence: This is the last chapter in the first unit of world history. They have already learned about the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe during this same time period.


Materials: Dum Dum suckers, Smart Board, Pictures and Art, Power Point, Lined Paper, Writing Utensil.


Assessment Plan: Students will be assessed through short reflections and discussion. Also students will be assessed through their photo reflections.




Warm Up: Dum Dum Question: Students answer a random question at the beginning of the hour that gets the class started off. For getting the closest answer a student receives a dum dum sucker.


As a hook for the chapter, Students will read an article on human sacrifice. This article is to get students interested in these cultures and what better way then to have them learn about human sacrifice. Students will read it in a read-write-pair share option. They will each read the article and write a reflection. Afterwards the students will share as a class what they felt when reading the article.


Photo alignment: Students will each pull out a lined sheet of paper. The lights are turned off. Students must be silent during this time. I created a presentation with 15 pictures representing the material from this section. Each picture will be left on the smart board for 30 seconds. Students must look at the picture and answering one or more of the following questions.

  • What do you feel when looking at this photo?
  • What about this photo interests you?
  • What do you notice about this photo?
  • What is familiar to you in this photo?
  • What is unfamiliar to you?
  • What do you wonder about when looking at the photo?

These pictures will be used in the interactive slide lecture that I gave on this section so students will get a chance to learn about the photo’s and share their questions about them. The pictures are also hung in a collage on a wall in the classroom to peak student interest.


Students will take notes on the lecture that I give for the remainder of the hour. When we get to the pictures I will give students information on them and we will discuss their first thoughts on the pictures. I also have a large picture from Mesa Verde that I got when I visited there. I will pass this around for students to take a closer look at.


Homework: The homework for students is to read over the next section in the book. Chapter 11 Section 2.


Accommodations: I have specific students who need more time for notes. I always have printed out version of my notes for students to finish copying if they need to. Except for special needs students with accommodations, the students must always return this to me though so they cannot just keep the print out.


 Student Picture Slideshow: 11-1-picture-slideshow

Student Notes: 11-sec-11






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