Habit of Mind 5

Anne Seelbach

Reflective Portfolio

Habit of Mind #5: To be morally, ethically-grounded deliberators, living and working with integrity.

            This habit of mind means to me that in order to be an effective teacher I need to also be a morally good person. This habit of mind is difficult for me because I believe that each person has their own beliefs on what is morally and ethically correct. In each different country, community, family, and school being a “morally, ethically-grounded deliberator, living and working with integrity” will have a different meaning. I can only follow what I believe. I know that as a teacher I need to follow what I believe is morally and ethically correct, that goes back to respecting and knowing who I am.

            I believe that everyone would agree that it is morally and ethically correct to be kind to others, to respect others, to treat others like you would want to be treated. These may seem simple but they are so central to have an effective classroom. Also I believe that if I want my students to try to follow these guidelines, I need to set a good example inside and outside of the classroom. People in the community will be watching me, as a teacher, to set a good example for other community members, teachers, parents, and students. During student teaching, I realized how much the students look to you as a mentor. I saw examples of teachers who were acting as if students were not watching. This reminded me over and over again to be the best I can be, especially at school.

            As I get to know my students I will also be able to learn what they believe is morally and ethically correct, I will then be able to attempt to be a role model for them in those aspects. As I discussed I know that each community will have different standards for their teachers, I will try my best to adapt to what those standards may be while also being true to who I am.

            I am not sure what I have done about this in the past besides just trying to be the best example for others that I can. One way I have done this is through volunteering through various different programs. I think that my mentor teacher in the fall will be able to help me to learn how to adapt to a specific community and also maintain who I am. I feel like student teaching will be a learning time for this habit of mind. I know that in each different school and with every class of students I will still have to set a positive example of my values but I may have to adapt to the communities or classes values as well.


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