Habit of Mind 4

Anne Seelbach

Reflective Portfolio

Habit of Mind #4: To be youth advocates, desiring a more fair, equitable, and democratic society.

            One of the most important things to me as an educator is to teach students to be active, participating and positive citizens in our society. Through my teaching position in social studies I am allowed a plethora of opportunities to teach students the importance of being an effective member of our country. As an educator I wan to inspire students to have passion about a variety of different issues. I want my students to care about what is going on in the world; past, present and future. It is so important for the next generation of students to have passions and have desire to create change. I want to show my students that creating change is possible.

            During my student teaching semester, I was able to teach a government class during the election. I was so excited to get these students involved… but it was harder than I imagined. My students were basic students, which means they were either special education or emotionally impaired, and government class was the last thing on there mind. The important things to a lot of my students was staying out of jail, looking cool to their friends, and being able to read and write. I tried as many things as possible to get my students excited about the election. A couple ideas that worked for my was incorporating a song I found on youtube into class. The song was a popular rap song turned into all lyrics about the election. In class I had students listen to the song and then next day we analyzed the lyrics to see what they meant. This was the most interested and excited my students got about the election.  Another method I tried was to involve the community. I had students make signs encouraging people go out and vote, I got some really cool and interesting poster ideas from the students. In my world history class I did a small segment on the Rwandan Genocide, students were so interested and involved and I had such passionate reactions, it made me so excited to teach.

            By having students become knowledgeable about the world, more students will want to get involved. It is so important for our youth to know the importance of being involved and to understand the changes that they can make individually, in their communities and in the world.


Artifact 1: ron-clark-academy-you-can-vote-however-you-like-lyrics3

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