Habit of Mind 3

Anne Seelbach

Reflective Portfolio

Habit of Mind #3: To be perspective-takers, seeking out, valuing and incorporating different viewpoints and positions about learners, learning, teaching and subject matter.

            Throughout my life I have always valued the importance of understanding different people’s viewpoints and positions. I understand how important it is for me to be a good example for my students and for other teachings when it comes to this habit of mind.

Before I get to how I want to incorporate different perspectives in my classroom I also see how it is important it is for me to learn to value different perspectives on how to teach. I have my opinion on the best teaching strategies but I also understand that other educators will have different and sometimes better ideas. During student teaching, I was able to see different methods and personalities of many teachers in their classroom. I was able to observe the effect that it had on their students and I was able to seek on the best way for students to learn.

This habit of mind is one of the main reasons I became a teacher. I will be incorporating this idea into my classrooms. I want to teach my students to be tolerant of people’s different opinions. If there is one thing that the next generation of kids needs to learn about it is tolerance. It is my goal to incorporate different perspectives into each different subject that I teach about. In the subjects I have chosen to teach, history and political science, one of the most important things is to show students that there are at least two sides to every story, sometimes more. I want students to form their own opinions but I want to teach them to listen to other people and be willing to change their position. I believe that this is one of the strengths in my lessons because I try to focus on in when creating my lessons and units. Some examples of when I used this habit of mind would be in my unit plan on modern Africa. This unit was meant to rid students of stereotypes and to encourage the tolerance of African culture. Another example would be a lesson created on dropping the atomic bomb on Japan, the lesson allowed students to read stories from the perspective of the Japanese. This was aimed at encouraging students to value the opinions of people in different counties, even countries that we may have been at war with. This goal has continued through student teaching as well. During student teaching I had my government students pick an issue that they were passionate about. They had to research that issue and write about and present BOTH sides of the argument. I had my students do that because I don’t think they understand even how to see different perspectives on an issue, all they know is what they believe. I also tried to incorporate this into my world history class. During a lesson on the Islamic split between the Shiites and the Sunnis, I brought in articles about Iraq. Students in my class were able to see why there was so much internal instability in this country that we are currently so involved in.


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