Habit of Mind 2

Anne Seelbach

Reflective Portfolio

Habit of Mind #2: To be curious, critically thinking risk-takers and problem solvers.

            The way that this habit of mind speaks to me as a perspective social studies teacher is too not only to make sure that I think critically and take risks but also to encourage my students to be curious, to take risks, to think critically and to solve problems. I not only need to bring this aspect into my classroom but I also need to continue to be curious and to think critically about my students, my teaching and my readings.

            One aspect of this habit of mind that I have learned a lot about is problem-solving. During student teaching, I learned that problem-solving is definitely a needed skill for teachers. In every hour of the day there will be a unique problem that it is the teachers responsibility to have a solution for.

I also believe that this habit of mind must be passed onto my students. I can do this by allowing my students plenty of opportunities to exercise these skills in my classroom. When teaching single lessons in education placements I am not sure I took enough risks in the material that I have taught. One lesson that I have taught that exemplifies this habit of mind strongly is a lesson on American Stereotypes of the continent of Africa. This came out of a unit I created on modern Africa that I feel also exemplifies my desire to think critically and to be a problem solver. In this lesson I try to get students to see beyond basic material and actually make a change in there lives.

 This is a habit of mine that I believe is very important for me as a teacher and for the students in my classrooms. I do not feel as if I am a finished product when it comes to this habit of mind. A way to do this is just to gain more experience in the classroom and to have more experience teaching. As I continue to create unit plans and read teaching materials, I know that I will learn how to be more effective in encourage my students to embrace this habit of mind as much as I want to. I also think that I can benefit by meeting more teachers and working with the teachers in my department. During student teaching I was able to work closely with the history department because one of the courses that I was teaching is brand new. This gave me the changes to problem-solve and critically think about the best way to teach the course. Another way I can continue to improve in this area is to attend more professional development meetings and attend more conferences. The couple meetings that I have attended have had some great speakers and resources that I have been able to take with me and apply in the classroom.  


Artifact 1: african-stereotypes-lesson-plan2



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