Standard 4

Standard 4:

Effective Learning Environments-









Management and monitoring of time, relationships, students, and classrooms to enhance learning.

Sub-Standards of Standard 4

Explanation of when/where/how I met the appropriate level of mastery

a. Engage students in meaningful learning experiences while maximizing the use of instructional time.

Through my student teaching experience, I have learned how to best use my time that I have to increase student achievement.

b. Structure the classroom environment to promote positive peer interactions and positive self-esteem, to ensure that each student is a valued participant in an inclusive learning community.

My seating chart is set up for group work and for social interaction. I encourage group work and each student will have a role to complete the assignment.

c. Construct a learning environment and grading process where both teacher and students have high expectations and mutually understand what is expected of each other to foster optimal achievement of all students.

Each day in the classroom follows a routine that students expect. Students have clear expectations for assignments and are provided with rubrics for projects and papers.

d. Design and implement a classroom management plan that utilizes respectful disciplinary techniques to ensure and orderly learning environment which is conductive to learning and takes into account diverse needs of individual students.

Please see the attached documents for further explanation.  standard-4-d



e. Understand and uphold the legal and ethical responsibilities of teaching (e.g., federal and state laws and SBE policies pertaining to positive and effective learning environments, appropriate behavioral interventions, student retention, truancy, child abuse, safety, first aid, health, and communicable disease).

Through professional development, We had speakers discuss legality issues. I have also learned about child abuse and safety through the YMCA. I am also CPR and First Aid certified.

f. Use a variety of teaching methodologies and techniques (e.g., lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, cooperative learning, small-group activities, and technology enhanced lessons) and objectively assess the effectiveness of various instructional approaches and teacher actions for impact on student learning.


Please see the attached documents for further explanation. 



g. Establish a learning environment which invites/welcomes collaborative teaching practices.

During student teaching, I have set up a classroom that works well for group activities. I have also worked with my students to create an environment suitable for learning.

h. Differentiate between assessment and evaluations procedures and use appropriately.

In Education 201, we read Educative Assessment by Grant Wiggins which discusses such differences and have practiced it during the field placements and student teaching.

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