Student teaching confirmed my desire and my passion to become a teacher. Student teaching was one of the most rewarding expierances of my entire life. I learned so much about who I am as a person and as a teacher. I feel so blessed to have been given the freedom that I had during student teaching. As a result of the freedom that I was given I am able to say that I feel confident and prepared to have my own classroom.  

            I have learned that one of the most important things in the classroom is to get to know your students and to find out what makes them excited to learn. I was able to build a rapport with my students that I know was a big factor in my successes. I know that one of the most important things as a teacher is to show students that you care about them and want to know who they are outside of a student in your classroom. In my exit surveys this was one things that my students consistently wrote to me, they felt as if I really had put in effort in to know them as people and they appreciated it. I appreciated my students because they also put effort in to get to know me. In my next classroom I know that I will put the same effort into getting to know my students and I will always continue to see this as one of the most critical parts of being a teacher. Getting to know your students doesn’t only lead to a positive environment it leads to much higher achievement levels and success in the classroom.

            I have found that it is important for students to have a safe, comfortable and positive environment to work in. I want my students to feel as if they can be themselves in my class. I want them to have energy and be excited to come into my class and to learn the material.  While getting to know who your students are is a big part of this, it is also bringing to exciting and relevant material to the classroom. The most successful lessons that I taught this fall were ones that students felt related to their lives. I know that students need to understand WHY they are learning something or they will not feel the connection to the material. This is something that I have made progress in as a student teaching.

            One of the most exciting things about teaching is that it is always changing. Every year, every class, every day something new will happen in the classroom. This encourages teachers to be life-long learners. I am willing and excited to do continue research and take classes in my content area and on education. It will only continue to make me a better teacher as the field continues to expand and change. This is so exciting to me because it will keep me energized and enthusiastic about teaching history and mentoring my students.


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