Anne Seyferth

5908 Lake Resort Terrace Apt T332, Chattanooga Tn 37415

(734) 649-5353


Objective: To gain a social studies teaching position at the middle school or high school level.  


Professional Goals:

  • To be a positive influence in the lives on my students, their parents, and my fellow staff members.
  • To be the best possible teacher for each individual group of students I have the opportunity to teach.
  • To continue learning how to become a better teacher through: studying of current effective teaching methods, attending workshops, and obtaining a masters degree.


Certification: Michigan Initial Secondary Certificate in History and Political Science.


Relevant Work and Classroom Experience:

Substitute Teacher                                                                     January 2009-Present

Hamilton County, Tennessee

  • Responsible for maintaining a positive classroom environment while teachers are away.
  • Helping students to becoming socially and educationally responsible and aware.


Student Teacher                                                                                    August 2008- December 2008 Jackson Northwest High School, Jackson Michigan

  • Helped to develop a new World History curriculum for the school, ended up formatting 6 unit plans and creating the first term final exam.
  • Created and taught lesson plans for three 10th grade World History classes for over 11 weeks
  • Created and taught lesson plans for two 11th grade Basic Government classes for over 11 weeks- this class had over 11 special education students in both sections
  • Effectively worked with staff members to learn to be the best teacher possible
  • Taught over 125 students for over 11 weeks


Camp Counselor                                                                        June 2008 – August 2008

Ann Arbor YMCA Camp Birkett, Ann Arbor Michigan

  • Worked with a group of staff members to create a positive environment for campers
  • Was responsible for thirteen to twenty campers ages five to twelve
  • Mentored Leaders-in-Training and Counselors-in-Training
  • Created activities and lessons for my campers daily


Student Teacher- Maymester                                                     May 2008 – June 2008

Albion High School, Albion Michigan

  • Developed a full unit plan for a United States history class based on the theme The Environment and Civic Engagement
  • Taught in a United States history class for three weeks.
  • Participated in and helped organize a community fair illustrating the work of my students during the Maymester term
  • Learned about and developed appreciation for teaching in a diverse school system


Student Mentor                                                                         August 2006 – May 2008

Albion Public Schools, Albion Michigan 

Parma Western High School, Parma Michigan

Jackson Northwest High School, Jackson Michigan

  • Worked with groups and individuals in an elementary setting, three high school classrooms, and a secondary special education classroom.
  • Taught and developed lessons for a Michigan history classroom, a World history classroom, a World cultures classroom, and a United States history classroom.


Literacy Tutor                                                                           September 2005 – May 2006

Gill Village, Meadville Pennsylvania

  • Tutored underprivileged kids aged five through thirteen in literacy using computers and technology
  • Mentored two specific students from the Gill Village Housing Projects



Albion College                                                                           December 2008

Albion Mi 49224                                                                        GPA: 3.83


Bachelor of Arts

Secondary Education Certification

History Major

Political Science Minor



Presidential Education Award                                                    June 2005

Chelsea Scholarship Committee Award                                      June 2005

Chelsea Lions Club Service Award                                            August 2006

Chelsea Education Foundation Academic Award                         June 2005- December 2008

Michigan Merit Award                                                              June 2005- December 2008

Albion College Trustees Scholarship                                           June 2005- December 2008

Albion College Deans List                                                          August 2006- December 2008

Lucille Robinson Scholarship                                                      May 2008

*Education Departmental Award for Excellence

Donald Stone Scholarship                                                           May 2008

* History Departmental Award for Excellence



Wayfarers International Group for Service                                  August 2007- May 2008

* Spent a week working with kids of all ages in Costa Rica

Shermer Education Institute                                                       August 2006- December 2008

Education Department Faculty Search Committee                       July 2007- April 2008

* One of two students chosen to help choose a education faculty member for 2008.

Mentoring in Albion Public Schools                                             August 2006 – June 2008



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