Standard 5

Standard 5:


Responsibilities and Relationships to the School, Classroom and Student-

Systematic reflection to organize and improve teaching and develop effective relationships, including the ability to…



Sub-Standards of Standard 5

Explanation of when/where/how I met the appropriate level of mastery

a. Uphold the State of Michigan Professional Code of Ethics and engage in meaningful self-evaluation.

Throughout all of my education courses we have learned how to self-evaluate through journals and discussion.

b. Identify and use current research to reflect on and improve one’s own practice related to content, technology, pedagogy, and other factors that impact student achievement. .

This is explained in a separate attachment

5b narrative

Action Reserach artifact

c. Develop positive relationships with other teachers, parents/guardians, students, administrators, counselors and other personnel to benefit students and to influence one’s own professional growth.

I have been fortunate to build positive relationships with other teachers, community members, and parents during my time in Marshall for student teaching. I spend a good amount of time outside the classroom with my mentor teacher and other teachers from Marshall

d. Analyze the effects of teacher disposition, decisions, and actions upon others (eg. families, other personnel, and all students, including those with disabilities) and adjust interactions accordingly.

I realized throughout my student teaching and my time in maymester how having a negative attitude rubs off on the students. I try to adjust being negative by starting class with something positive or just discussing my mood with the students. They usually can cheer me up which helps in the rapport building process as well.

e. Embrace and model teaching as a lifelong learning process and continue efforts to develop professionally.

This is explained in a separate attachment

5e narrative

f. Involve and work effectively with parents/guardians and implement school wide parent involvement plans to maximize opportunities for student achievement and success.

During parent-teacher conferences a parent and I were able to come up with a plan to help son with his essay. He was a special ed student but very bright with trouble in his writing skills. The parent was very gracious of my willingness to help.

g. Interact with parents/guardians using best practices for personal and technology-based communication, to maximize student learning at school, home, and in the local community, and

During the student-teaching semester a parent had e-mailed me inquiring why her son was doing poorly in my History class. We talked about the problems and corrected them with a simple seat change

h. Participate in the development of individualized plans for students with disabilities (Individual Education Plan (IEP)).

In my student-teaching I filled out an evaluation that was going to be used during and IEP meeting. The purpose was to see what the general ed teacher observed in the class about the student’s behavior.


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