Standard 3

Standard 3:


Curricular and Pedagogical Content Knowledge Aligned with State Resources-

Knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy with reference to the MCF and other state sponsored resources, for consistent and equitable learning in Michigan schools, including the ability to…



Sub-Standards of Standard 3

Explanation of when/where/how I met the appropriate level of mastery

a. Design and implement instruction aligned with the MCF, Universal Education Vision and Principles, and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards.

Within each of my pedagogy classes as well as my student teaching I was able to develop units that were aligned with the MCF

b. Create learning environments that promote critical and higher order thinking skills, foster the acquisition of deep knowledge, and provide connections beyond the classrooms to promote substantive conversations and clear structured writing among teacher and learners regarding subject matter acquisition.

All throughout the Frankenstein unit in my English class I was able to develop higher order thinking skills by using Bloom’s Taxonomy with quiz questions. Also, the Essay created critical thinking and forced them to make connections beyond the classroom such as stem cell research.


c. Help each student to learn how to safely and responsibly access and use resources to become a discerning independent learner and problem solver (e.g., print materials, information technology, assistive technology).

I spent an entire class period talking about MLA format and how to use Microsoft Word to set this up. We also talked about how to access the MLA website to reference during their writing process.

d. Design instruction so that students are engaged in actively integrating and transferring knowledge across the curriculum.

Throughout my lesson planning for any class I am teaching I always bringing in different subject areas. Such as stem cell research in my English class

e. Engage students in activities that demonstrate the purpose and function of subject matter to make connections to the world beyond the classroom and enhance the relationship and relevance to a global society.

This is explained in a separate attachment

3e narrative

Rainforest Lesson artifact

f. Evaluate, adapt, and modify instructional strategies, technologies and other educational resources to enhance the learning of each student.

This is explained in a separate attachment

3f narrative

“Jigsaw” method lesson artifact

g. Embrace teaching through appropriate and creative activities utilizing instructional techniques that are supported by current research.

We talked about the current debate surrounding knowledge and how it should be used. I had the students create a monster much like Victor Frankenstein did and write up a ghost story explain how their creation could be dangerous.

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