Adam Lancto

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio!

There are many reasons for my decision to become a teacher but the one that stands out amongst them all is the feeling inside when the students “finally get it.” Each day is a new experience and challenge within the classroom for all sorts of learning. My goal as an educator is to teach students different skills that will allow them to be successful long after they have left my class.  I believe in creativity with the assignments I give as well as incorporating the different content areas into my lessons.

Throughout my professional development and education courses at Albion College I have been able to experience many diverse learning environments. I have had the joy of working with students from all different backgrounds and learned many new things from them as well.  Each new student I have has taught me something new which is the special phenomenon about teaching.

I have laid out my teaching philosophy, different artifacts from my classroom, professional standards I have met, and many other interesting materials I have collected and developed in my short years of teaching. Feel free to browse around and look through my portfolio!

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